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What you see is what you get, with some exceptions:

  • Click on the title to scroll to the first proxy or the selected proxy
  • Proxy list can be dragged by holding the progress bar
  • The Chinese apps scanner will only scan system apps if "Show system apps" is checked

Socks5 / HTTP

  • The TLS and SNI options are designed to be compatible with some bad clash profiles, I don't know what the point of this is


  • For Shadowsocks AEAD profiles without plugins, use v2ray-core directly
  • The version of shadowsocks-rust will be synchronized with shadowsocks-android


  • The upstream client shadowsocksr-libev has been no longer maintained for almost 5 years
  • Protocol evaluation of SSR in progress


  • VMESS MD5 authentication (non-AEAD) has been deprecated, and for such profiles with alterId greater than 0, the old-style link will be used when sharing
  • For list options like ALPN, the format is one per line
  • WebSocket browser forwarding does not support custom domain names, please keep the address and domain name the same
  • Profiles using v2ray-core server with "?ed=..." path is unsupported due to the need to be compatible with Xray-style WebSocket max early data

Custom config (V2Ray)

When using a custom V2Ray configuration profile, the required inbounds will be automatically rewritten or added to be used as an external proxy.


The Socks inbound will be automatically added even if it is not filled in the configuration.

In the following cases, only address and port will be overwritten:

  • A Socks inbound exists with tag socks
  • Only one Socks inbound exists

By default, the IP entries in the configuration will be automatically filled in to the system DNS.

Custom config (Trojan-Go)

Only the local_port item will be rewritten, and you should finish everything else

Proxy chain

  • Chain implemented by the client, so there is some performance loss
  • Traffic order is from top to bottom
  • Profiles in the list can also be dragged by pressing and holding, and removed by swiping left
Entrance only

The following proxy using golang and has no support for setting a front proxy, so it cannot be used for non-starting points of the chain.

  • Ping Tunnel
  • relaybaton
  • Brook


Balancer selects the appropriate configuration for traffic forwarding from the selected configuration/group

  • Connection test status will be displayed on configurations that has been used in balancers
  • Click on the "Unavailable" text to see the error message


List requires you to add configurations manually Group can use a whole group


Random forwards each connection to a random outbound station Ping forwards traffics to the fastest outbound